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  Worry hidden by a carefree mask   Steadfast peace
  Vague, unknown, haunting apprehension Trusting the unknown
  Intolerant, critical, fussy. Seeing more good in the world.
  Kind, quiet, gentle, anxious , weak. An active and positive worker
  Distrustful of self and intuition, easily led on misguided. Confidence in own individuality
  For the thought of losing control, of doing dreaded things. Calmness and sanity
  Failing to learn from life, repeating mistakes, lack of observation. Learning from experience.
  Demanding, self-pity, self-love, possessive, hurting Love and care that gives freely to others.
  Dreamers, drowsy, absent-minded. Brings down to earth
  Feeling unclean, self-disgust, small things out of proportion. The cleansing remedy
  Responsible capable people, who falter temporarily. Overwhelmed. Strength to perform.
  Discouragement, doubt, despondency. Take heart and have faith
  No hope, accepting the difficulty, pointless to try. The sunshine of renewed hope
  Longing for company, talkative, over-concern with self. Tranquility and kinship with all life.
  Jealousy, envy, revenge, anger, suspicion. The conquest of all will be through love
  Living in memories. Involved in the present
  Feels weary and thinks can't cope. Strengthens and supports.
  Irritated by constraints, quick, tense, impatient. Gentle and forgiving
  Expect failure, lack confidence, and will to succeed. Self-confident, try anything
  Fright of specific, known things - animals, heights, pain, etc., nervous, shy people. Bravery
  Gloom suddenly clouds us, for no apparent reason. Clarity.
  Persevering, despite difficulties, strong, patient, never giving in. Admitting to limitation
  Exhausted, no more strength, need physical and mental renewal. Rested and supported.
  Self-critical, self-reproach, assuming blame, apologetic. Relieves a sense of guilt
  Worry for others, anticipating misfortune, projecting worry. Trusting to life.
  Feeling alarmed, intensely scared, horror, dread. The courage to face an emergency.
  Self-denial, stricture, rigidity, purist. Broad outlook, understanding
  Cannot resolve between two choices, indecision, alternating. Balance and determination
  Consolation and comfort in grief, after a fright or sudden alarm.  
  Unendurable desolation. A light shining in the darkness.
  Insistent, willful, fervent, enthusiastic, stressed. Quiet and tranquility.
  Dominating, tyrant, bully, demands obedience. Loving leader and teacher, setting liberty.
  Protection from outside influences, for change, for changes of development The link breaker
  Withdrawn, aloof, proud, self-reliant, quiet grief. Peaceful and calm, wise in service.
  Unresolved, circling thoughts A calm, clear mind.
  Lack of direction, unfulfilled, drifting. Becoming definite and purposeful.
  Lack of interest, resignation, no love or point in life. Spirit of joy and adventure.
  Dissatisfied, bitter, resentful, life is unfair, unjust. Uncomplaining, acceptance.
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