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herbal treatments chandigarh
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Herbal ayurvedic supplements:
Cholesterol & Triglycerides Liver detoxification & Kidney toner Diabetics Gas & Acidity
Menstrual/ Hormone, Heavy/ painful periods Excess heated body (Garam Tehseer) Tiredness, General weakness without any problem
Lukoria Neck pain, Cervical pain, Knee & Back pain, Joint pains, & Arthritis Constipation Eczema
Night Fall in Men (Dhat, Wet Dreams) Male and Female Libido enhancer's (Indian Viagra) Breast Enhance Herbal
Imported/ Indian Aroma therapy & Massage oils:
Eczema Cervical Pain Menstrual / Hormone/ Periods/ irregular periods Frozen shoulder <<< Made in UK
Head Massage / relax oil Tension, Stress, Insomnia (sleeplessness) Arthritis, Joints pain oil <<< Made in UK
Penis massage oil Neck pain, Cervical pain, Knee & Lower Back pain Joint pains, & Arthritis <<< Made in India
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MOST POPULAR OIL >>>>   STOP DANDRUFF AND HAIR FALL (Very effective Neem based herbal oil, Made in India by Natural Healings)
Removes Dandruff completely, Stops hair fall, Helps in re growth of new hairs. Even good for Men and Women having healthy hair and to delay age related hair fall.
Get free advice on mobile Dr. Manjinder Singh on 07696244482. Mon - Sat. 11:30 AM till 5:30PM (Chandigarh, India)
herbal treatments chandigarh
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Success stories on treatment received by patients (worldwide)
Few cases  
  1.Migraine 9. Joint pain
  2. Anxiety 10. Sciatica second case
  3. Excess Sweating 11. Pimples (hormonal problem)
  4. Painful Periods 12. Swelling in Ankles (hormonal problem)
  5. Mysterious urinary problem 13. Vertigo (Chakkar)
  6. Itching 14. Acute Cervical
  7. Sciatica 15. Disc Slip
  8. Minor with periods problem  

the list of success is endless .......
Few cases
  1. Mr. M. Singh, (Male 32), Toronto, Canada. Furniture exporter. Migraine every night for 3 hrs.
  2. Mr. J. Singh, (Male 41), Long I Land, New York, USA. A taxi driver from Haryana Stress, anxiety.
  3. Mr. B. Singh, (Male 35), Queens, New York, U.S.A. Bank manager in U.S.A. Excess sweating.
  4. Mrs. M. Kaur, (Female 34), Richmond, New York. House wife. Painful periods since 10 years.
  5. Mr. H. Singh, (Male 24), Smethwick, UK. Software Er. Mysterious up diagnosed urinary problem
  6. Mrs. M. Kaur, (Female 38), Pleck, Wallsal, UK. House wife. Itching in left leg.
  7. Mrs. P. Kaur, (Female 35), Smethwick, UK. Cloths Stitching. Sciatica pain since 6 years
  8. Ms. T. Kaur, (Female 16), Smethwick, UK. Student. Periods with very painful cramps.
  9. Mr. A. Singh, (Male 47), Klagenfurt, Austria. Businessman. Joints pain since many years.
  10. Mr. J. Singh, (Male 46), ladispoli, Italy. Businessman. Sciatica since 20 years.
  11. Ms. M. Sharma, (Female 29), Chandigarh. Spa center. Pimples on whole body except face.
  12. Ms. S. Sharma, (Female 22), Chandigarh. Service. Swelling in both ankles (three times a week).
  13. Mrs. S. Pasricha, (Female 36), Chandigarh. House wife. Vertigo (Chakkar) whole day.
  14. Mrs. R. Sharma, (Female 37), Chandigarh. Lecturer. Acute Cervical unable to work.
  15. Ms. S. Verma, (Female 38), Chandigarh. pain in legs. Disc slip since 10 years
Please see our herbal supplements.

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